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strong as an a-o-k


The progression of video games in a few decades.

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This is how my girlfriend gave me my house key… <3


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i love female villains but i want them to be accompanied by female heroes instead of being portrayed as catty and jealous and bested by men


Will + empathy

There are a variety of levels of empathy when it comes to autistic individuals. Some have hypo-empathy (meaning low levels of empathy), and some have hyper-empathy. Will Graham is in the latter camp. This gifset illustrates several moments where Will Graham presents this empathy in ways that are very different from the other characters. It is especially important to note that he is empathizing at his best when interacting with Georgia Madchen (disabled woman) and Peter Bernardone (disabled man). I ( reaganwarren ) would make the argument that their mutual disabled status makes it even easier for Will to have empathy with them and makes it easier to communicate that empathy.

Will’s empathy with Abigail has come under criticisms by some parts of the fandom, and these criticisms can be a double-edged sword in that in the attempt to protect Abigail’s agency from an unwanted father figure for feminism’s sake, it throws something that many autistics have to fight for acknowledgement of (that thing being their empathy) and saying it’s a flaw of Will’s. Something we’re said to be monsters for not having is blatantly portrayed in Will Graham, and the argument against Will’s desire to look after Abigail and thus against his empathy is that it makes him an agency-robbing monster of the patriarchy and implies that an autistic adult has no right to look after another person, regardless of the legal rights that the law and abusive psychiatrist has given them.

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things to consider:

  • lady assassins 
  • lady assassins WITH GIRLFRIENDS 

But also:

  • lady assassins with girlfriends who are ALSO lady assassins

lady assassins with girlfriends who are also lady assassins but they don’t know about each other’s secret double life

Mrs and mrs smith

Staring Natalie Dormer

And Lucy Liu 

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you may look like a bride but you will never bring your family honor

one day when i try to get a boyfriend this will come back to bite me

and if he doesn’t think it’s awesome then dishonor on him and his cow

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